Guitar Amplifier Beginner’s Guide

Guitar Amplifier Beginner’s Guide

The amplifier is the voice of your guitar. It is the engine of your sound, projecting your music to the audience. Amps add personality and dynamics to your tone. Without it, no one in the audience would be able to hear you! An amp is a necessity for all electric guitar players, regardless of skill or ability.

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Learning All About Amps

If you're clueless about amps, or only know the basics, check out our Become an Amp Expert guide to find out all you could ever dream about amplifiers. We'll look at a quick, abridged history of the amplifier and how it became what it is today. You'll learn about the different types of amps and their advantages and disadvantages. We'll also take a deep dive into the individual components of the amplifier, including EQ controls and the effects loop. Finally, we'll have a brief look at how amps are recorded so that you can understand the basics of capturing the sound of your amp and start making your own music.

Buying Your Own Amp

Once you're an amp expert, you'll be ready to get an amp of your own. To make this easier on you, we've created a list of recommendations for the Best Amps for Beginners. Each of the amps we've chosen has links to extensive, detailed reviews so you can be sure of what you're spending your hard earned money on. No matter what your budget or style of music, you'll find a fantastic amp that you will enjoy for years to come. If you prefer to learn how to choose an amp on your own, then you're in luck! Visit our guide to choosing the perfect amp for things to watch out for.

Learn to Record - Coming soon!

If you're interested in eventually recording covers or your own songs, you'll want to learn how to record! Not to fret: no matter what kind of amp you've decided on, we have information on how to get the best sound quality possible. We'll publish our in-depth Recording Guide once we've crossed some Ts and dotted some Is - stay tuned!