About Our In-Depth Reviews

Here at GuitarBoat, we have an obsession with everything guitar. Whether it's picks, amps, or effects pedals, we care about finding the best of the best at every price level. We go into excruciating detail in our reviews so that you can be sure what shows up at your doorstep is exactly what you expect.

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About Our Rating System

In our reviews, we cover each item's features, looks, build quality, box contents, sound quality, and more. We try to provide you with details we believe most other reviews leave out. Unlike other websites, we're not just going to spit out random facts at you! You can be sure that we won't just regurgitate the product's spec-sheet. We put everything in a guitar-related context so that you're never left asking: "why should I care?" or "what does that mean?".

For your convenience, we include a rating system that accounts for the quality, looks, and performance of each piece of gear, as well as pros and cons so you can make quick, informed decisions. We also answer questions like "What effect does this wood have on the guitar's tone?", "What kind of music are these pickups good for?", and "Can I play metal on this amp?".

Questions? Let us Know!

If there's something you think we didn't cover or if you just have a question, leave us a comment on the gear review page you're looking at or even visit our Contact Us page. We'll do our best to help you find the right equipment for your needs. We know what we're talking about and we're glad to share our knowledge with you. Thanks for dropping by!